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In September 2010 on, Rush’s legendary guitarist Alex Lifeson hinted at his upcoming Gibson Custom Shop signature guitar:

“I’ve been working with Gibson on putting together a Les Paul Axcess model, which would be an Alex Lifeson signature guitar. It’ll have the Floyd Rose, the piezo pickup in the bridge and single-coil taps in the volume pots. Basically, we’ve taken everything you could want in a guitar and we’re putting it into a really true utility instrument in a fantastic platform.”

Well, here it is!  The Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess is being shown at NAMM 2011 in both available colors: Viceroy Brown and Royal Crimson.  We will be receiving these guitars at The Music Zoo, including a signed model! Click here to contact our sales team and pre-order. The piezo pickup Alex mentioned is evidenced here (packaged into a nice Graph Tech licensed Floyd), along with the customized push-pull electronics that give Alex the flexibility to nail different tones from every era of Rush’s catalog.  Classy looking and very functional signature model.

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