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During his years making rock history as a member of the Doors, guitarist Robby Krieger was typically seen onstage with Jim and Ray and John playing a large-guard 1967 SG Standard (which Gibson Custom immortalized several years ago). For Krieger, however, the lesser-known workhorse among his guitars is a 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty that he acquired in 1968.

Although Krieger’s Black Beauty did not see the stage time that his SG did, it’s nonetheless been at his side while writing songs and recording. You’ll hear it on numerous Doors classics, particularly “L.A. Woman.” The instrument’s connection to that timeless song has earned it the nickname, L.A. Woman, and Gibson Custom will be issuing a limited run of 300 replicas of the famed guitar. 50 of the L.A. Woman replicas will be signed and played by Robby and aged to perfectly replicate the present condition of the guitar. Another 100 will be aged, and another 150 will finished as VOS. The Music Zoo will be proud to carry two of the aged and signed instruments, three aged instruments, and five VOS instruments.

As for the guitar itself, it’s a ’54 Black Beauty as mentioned. The most apparent distinction from a stock guitar is the swapping of the original Alnico 5 neck pickup with a Seymour Duncan Mini Humbucker, which makes total sense for Krieger when you consider it; he generally prefers to play using the neck pickup and if you’re going to go for a hum-free tone while not altering the size of the pickup slot, a mini humbucker is the way to go. In recreating all the distinct markings that the instrument has attained throughout the decades making history, Gibson meticulously photographed and digitally scanned the guitar. Seeing, hearing, and playing this landmark instrument will be a wonderful experience. Throw on that neck pickup and plays some lines from the song the guitar’s named after: it will undoubtedly light your fire. Click here to check out the Robby Krieger models we have in stock! Meanwhile, read below to see what Gibson Custom Shop has to say about the Robby Krieger Les Paul Custom, along with a list of it’s specs. Be sure to have a look at our entire sock of Gibson Custom Shop guitars while your here!


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