PreDrive Ad - Clean Tone 2If your crazy about getting your clean tone just right, and are looking for more than just another eq, you’ve come to the right place. The Pettyjohn Electronics PreDrive has arrived at The Zoo to solve all of your problems! This pedal is not made to blanket your tone with a bunch of preset sounds, this pedal will preserve every detail of your tone while providing you with all of the parameters needed to enhance it. You’ll be able to cut through any mix that gets thrown at you!

The PreDrive studio grade, dual foot-switchable guitar preamp is designed to be the first pedal in your chain. Built in the USA with 2 discrete opamp chips and audiophile components throughout. The PreDrive’s preamp was designed to serve the unique needs of a matching impedances of magnetic pickups, typical in electric and bass guitars, and can be used as a preamp for almost any instrument outfitted with a magnetic pickup. With a full frequency range and a transformer coupled Direct Output, you can capture great direct in tones in the studio, perfect for reamping, using virtual amps or even use the PreDrive in front of digital effects units to add extra dimension and clarity to your tone.

This pedal can be found right here on our site by clicking here! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our sales staff!



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