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Every once in a while, guitars arrive at The Zoo that may not necessarily be rare, vintage, or rock-star-owned, yet still give us the chills when we open the case. The Pagelli Signature from Eastman guitars is one of those special guitars. A seemless blend of form & function, the Eastman Pagelli brings Claudio & Claudia Pagelli’s design language to a more affordable platform. We were already very familiar with the feel, look, and playability of the Pagelli “Massari”, (a refined European supercar of guitars if you will) so our approach to the Eastman was very much rooted in skepticism. Luckily, our initial weariness of whether or not the Eastman could match up soon faded the moment we opened the case and held it in our hands. The Eastman feels and plays exotic, forming seemlessly to your hands and body, with no hindrance on one’s will to make music.

The Eastman Pagelli is handcrafted in the Eastman workshop of AAA spruce and maple tonewoods. Its attractive asymmetrical 17 design features modern F-holes; a bold artistic statement from every point of view, and it is to no surprise that is has become the instrument of choice for Emanuel Schmidt and many more top-tier artists. Have a look through our collection of high-quality photos of the Eastman Pagelli below!

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