Guitarist Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders and Mestis is one versatile player. From his progressive style in AAL to his more reserved, mid-gain and clean tones in his work with Mestis, Javier required a set of pickups that represented the best of both worlds. Designed around Javier’s dynamic style of play, the Dimarzio Eclipse 8 set is provides Javier with exactly what he needs out of a pickup–balance and articulation!

He wanted a bridge pickup that was great for clean, for semi-driven, and at the same time for high gain with a lot of punch. It also needed to be very responsive to how he picks. His bridge pickup is hot, but it isn’t super-saturated. It has very clean lows and mids that maintain clarity even with extreme gain, through the entire 8-string frequency range. Solos sparkle, and palm-muting really pops. Javier often uses the split-coil option, which is very clean and open sounding, without brittle highs.

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