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Written by Walter Bryant

Blend the qualities of the legends of contemporary jazz guitar and you’ve got an ear-ful of compelling music. There’s also a good chance you’re probably listening to Ben Eunson if that is the case. For so long, NYC has been the birthplace of so many refreshing musical sounds, and although Ben Eunson was born in Melbourne, Australia, he now resides in NYC, adding to the list of talented artists ben-bio-image-3f413f68d6860becde74c59c3c7fea30emerging from the bustling city’s Jazz circuit. Ben Eunson started focusing on the guitar at the age of 10, progressing through his teens, where he was eventually accepted into the Victorian College of The Arts. This opportunity situated himself among Australia’s most talented musicians. Eunson would become a regular at a number of live venues, where audiences would get their first taste of his ever-developing unique style.

It wasn’t long before Ben made the pilgrimage to the states to pursue his music career even further. Ben would receive a scholarship to the New England Conservatory in Boston, an experience which offered him the opportunity to study with prominent jazz constituents, including the likes of Jerry Bergonzi and Dave Holland.

Ben Eunson now resides in New York, performing at several venues across the city with a handful of equally talented musicians. But what is it that makes Ben stand out from the melting pot that is the NYC jazz community? Well, aside from his blazing arsenal of smooth, in-pocket solo-lines, Eunson’s musical vocabulary alludes to our favorite musicians of late and old, tumblr_ni8c9qHq9D1tsf4axo5_1280creating an enlightening blend of everything we know and love about jazz guitar. Eunson’s versatility is another ear-grabbing quality he possesses. We’ve seen Eunson with an Ibanez archtop and combo amp in tow, as well as a Strat or Tele with some grit behind it; both of which left us blown away. Ben’s seemingly flawless delivery and captivating phrasing will be sure to keep you on your toes.

Ben’s debut album entitled “Autumn” is a autumn-cover-fa9af04de0f511ff7e3e178475f61d7frepresentation of everything we’ve grown to admire about Mr. Eunson. Featuring Sean Wayland on piano, Alexander Claffy on Bass, and Kush Abadey on drums, Ben has no shortage of talent backing him up. With one album under his belt, we can certify that it won’t be his last. Fortunately for us, Ben Eunson is currently a New York regular. So for those of you in the tri-state area, keep an eye out at the local Jazz clubs to see this talented player live in action. In the meantime, have a look at a few videos from his performances with the Sean Wayland Band and more. You can also purchase Ben Eunson’s album on itunes here!



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