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Written by Walter Bryant

As technology evolves, the talent that lies within the rooms of young guitarists finally has the ability to flourish and reach the ears of people outside of their neighborhood. Plini is evidence of the immense amount of mastery that can be accomplished with music behind closed doors. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Plini is a university student studying toward a Masters Degree in Architecture, and his design expertise is surelyplini guitar represented in the works he’s written thus far. With influences including Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Animals as Leaders, and TesseracT, it’s easy to see Plini has a taste for aggressive experimental music to say the least. Delve into a few of Plini’s compositions and you’ll instantly realize that the spectrum of emotions within his music doesn’t end with just aggressive themes. Track 2 of his EP entitled “Other Things”, gives off a “Yellow Jackets” vibe, with accompanying horns and piano to accentuate the fusion feel of the track. His most recent release, entitled Plini Sweet Nothings Album Cover“Sweet Nothings”, has spawned YouTube comments like  “reminds me of Greg Howe fused with Al Di Meola”. That, in itself should get anyone’s brain turning. The EP is a mixture of chill, atmospheric, aggressive, and rhythmic moments that come together to create a more than fulfilling album; not to mention the amazing artwork that accompanies his music, all done by Australian artist, Alex Pryle. Plini has also done a lot of work with Sithu Aye, a progressive guitar player from Scotland who’s compositions seem to pair seamlessly with Plini’s playing style.

But Plini is a truly inspiring individual because of more than just his nack for sonic and architectural design. After he finishes his degree, Plini plans to travel to Cambodia to help build a community center for the poor who have been displaced by the government; all the more reason Plini is such a beautiful soul. His mission is just as beautiful as his music, supplying his audience with a plethora of emotions that has thus far, resonated far beyond his small computer desk recording studio. Plini’s music spans a number of self-released albums including his releases under his former name, Halycon. You can check out his spectacular musical works on his YouTube channel or his Bandcamps listed below. Have a look and listen to the videos below to get a feel for his music. Prepare to be inspired!

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Halycon BandCamp

Sithu Aye BandCamp

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