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The Music Zoo will be debuting a new ad campaign in both Guitar Aficionado and Guitar World magazines, featuring two legends in their own right… The Shelby GT-350, owned by Howard Kroplick, is a rare piece of American history. If you remember our post from a couple of months ago, we featured this bada** pony car in one of our “Cars and Guitars” blogs. You guys loved it, so we brought it to the big leagues for a full page ad in these two iconic guitar magazines.

To refresh your memory, the Shelby was 1 of 999 GT-350’s specially modified for the Hertz Sports Car Club. The gold stripes specifically indicate that the car is a Hertz rental, along with the standard automatic transmission. Kroplick acquired the GT350H in 2004 at an auto auction and has been winning praise for it’s impeccable condition ever since. We contacted Howard, parked the Cobra powered muscle-car at the Waterfront, and set up our most enamored Gibsons we had in our showroom. Furthermore, the result is within the current issues of these two great magazines.


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Shelby Goldtops (3 of 3)

Shelby Goldtops (2 of 3)

Shelby Goldtops Main

Photographs by Walter Bryant


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