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The King of Sunn amps and Les Paul Juniors: Leslie West.

The Music Zoo sends our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Leslie West, guitarist of the legendary band Mountain and who was a guitar hero to multiple generations.

Our own Gary Blankenburg, a huge fan of Leslie's work and who had seen Mountain many a times as they worked their way up the New York club circuit and further had this to say about his passing.

"No one could truly do what Leslie did. He understood rhythm and chording as the basis for soloing to the song. He used loud and quiet to create dark and light. He could say a lot with just a few notes. He found a P-90 single coil pickup to be the ultimate machine for exploring this dichotomy. As John Gatto from the Good Rats said - "We have lost the king of tone." It is no lie."

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