Joe Satriani is known for is super smooth, singing leads, and bluesy rhythm tone, and it’s really no wonder he’s remained loyal to DiMarzio pickups for all of these years. Makers of some of the best pickups on earth, DiMarzio has teamed up with Satriani for another round, this time introducing the “Satch Fast Track” neck pickup and the Mo’ Joe bridge pickup.

The Satch Track™ Neck bridges the gap between classic humbucker and single-coil performance. It tracks pick attack and string vibration quickly and accurately like a single-coil, but the voicing is wider and stronger, like a humbucker. The highs are very warm, and clarity is created by keeping the mids and lows tight and focused.

The last few years have seen Joe develop a new signature tube amp and start using heavier-gauge strings more often. Both developments emphasized the importance of the Mo’ Joe™ having a high degree of string separation without sounding sterile or processed. We got this by slightly increasing the distance between the center frequencies that the coils are tuned to, without increasing DC resistance.

If you’re interested in ordering one of these pickups, contact us at or call 516-626-9292!

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