In 2010 we were hanging with our friend Gary Blankenberg, a man who has forgotten more about guitars than we may ever know, and we hatched a plan to design and produce a special run of Gibson Custom Shop Les Pauls.   We love the wide-open feeling of wailing on a Les Paul Junior and thought it would be cool to do a Les Paul Standard/Junior mashup.  Thus, the ’58 Figuredtop Single Pickup Les Paul was born.  Just one pickup, two knobs, and nothing else to get in the way.  The guitars are amazing.  Check out what we’ve got in stock now; we have expanded the concept into other reissue years and colors.

Some of the original guitars from the run have found their way into some very famous hands.  Check out the video above: Joe Walsh on CMT along with Brad Paisley playing that legendary “Life’s Been Good” riff  on his ’58 Single Pickup Les Paul.  Gives us chills!

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