Last night, the news broke that Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead bassist, frontman, and Rock and Roll legend passed away at the age of 70. The news comes only a few days after he had been diagnosed with cancer. We would need an entire week to put together a fitting tribute to the man who perfectly bridged all gaps between Rock, Punk, and Metal genres. With 23 awesome, loud, ferocious Motorhead albums. Lemmy was all about doing it your own way with your own style…who else in the world could make putting your microphone up high and pointed down for you to sing into a signature “thing”? Only him.

The musical instrument and Rock & Roll industries that Lemmy was a part of will forever be in debt to Lemmys contributions, and we at The Music Zoo raise our glasses and tip our Rickenbacker basses to the man. Here are some great videos to keep the memory going. Cheers, and thanks for the riffs, Lem!

RIP Lemmy Kilmister

December 24, 1945 – December 28, 2015


We believe Steve Buschemi says it best:


That crunchy signature bass sound:


It would probably be safe to say Metallica wouldn’t be Metallica without Lemmy and Motorhead:


Here’s a trailer for the Lemmy documentary which came out a few years ago. Hunt it down on Netflix, it’s a great movie!

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