Les Paul Tribute

2009 will be remembered as the year we lost the great Les Paul.  There can never be enough tribute paid to the man who brought us the iconic Gibson Les Paul guitar, multi-track recording, and over 70 years of virtuosic playing and wisdom until his death at the age of 94.   This weekend in Miami, during the Miami vs Houston NFL game, a special Half Time performance paid tribute to Les Paul with music.  It featured Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Paul McCartney’s guitarist Brian Ray, and Australian guitarist and singer Orianthi, along with 100 guitar wielding children, rocking out a medley of classic rock tunes.  Naturally, all were playing Gibson Les Pauls.  We’re sure it won’t be the last tribute paid to the great innovator, whose contributions to music are permanent.  We’ll miss you, Les.

Source: Gibson.com

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