PRS SE Lineup

The Paul Reed Smith "SE" Series guitars represent some of the best quality and best value imports on the market! The line features all the familiar PRS shapes and styles you've grown to love and recognize instantly, and even boasts some impressive artist models.

New for 2018, PRS is expanding the SE line with a ton of new and exciting designs. Our favorite is the Multifoil SE Standard 24, a finish that was originally seen on PRS guitars guessed it...the '80s! Guitars with Multifoil or Multi Metal finish are rare these days, so this SE model gives everyone a chance to own one!

PRS is also offering a new 7-string model, the SVN, a left handed version of the SE Custom 24, a Chris Robertson Artist model, and new exotic wood Custom 24's, topped with either Zebrawood or Spalted Maple!

PRS has also bestowed some upgrades on the SE Standard series guitars. They now come with 85/15 "S" pickups, a bound fingerboard, and "SE Signature" headstock. 

Need some eye candy? PRS has provided a bunch of photos and videos to hold you over until they arrive. Scroll down for endless content!

We have them on order - but if you can't wait, contact our sales team today to reserve yours!

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 PRS SE Standard Multi Foil




 PRS SE Chris Robertson


 PRS SE Custom 24 Spalted




PRS SE Custom 24 Left Handed

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