At the Charvel booth, we noticed these Grover Jackson Legacy San Dimas guitars, and thought, “there they are again.” But, wait, these are beat up! These “tourtured” (yes, “tour”-tured) Grover Jacksons are also fitted with Floyd Rose trems, and we thought they looked pretty cool:

We love Dan Lawrence’s paintjobs. Here’s a killer Custom San Dimas, “Logo #3”:

This Custom Green San Dimas is sporting black hardware and the “60%” small logo:

Here is a nice birdseye maple-bodied Charvel in Transparent Red. Back in the early ’80s, Charvel would make guitars with birdseye bodies just like this:

Did we mention that we love Dan Lawrence’s paintjobs? Here is “Motor Series #1”, a killer Custom San Dimas that is coming to The Zoo:

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