Jackson brought out their scariest and biggest pile of skulls to date at NAMM ’09. We wonder what they do with that after the show is over. Anyway, Jackson has a ton of endorsers, and therefore a ton of cool endorser guitars:

Here’s a gorgeous Mark Morton Dominion model, in a new “Old School Burst” finish:

The neck on the Mark Morton Dominion is natural, for a nice warm feel:

We saw this pair of Anime-inspired, Custom Pablo Cut Soloists, and couldn’t resist. We’ll be getting the yellow one. The graphics are by Daneen, the body countours are new, and the heel has been redesigned for easy access to the upper frets:

Here is a trippy Custom Jackson:

We spotted this cool Green Swirl finish on a Super Lightweight Soloist:

This Mullet was not for sale, because it was priceless:

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