Update: Gretsch officially announced the unprecedented case candy that is coming with the Limited Edition Cochran model.  Some reproduction memorabilia, of course, but some things, like the the autographed Christmas card, the 8″x10″  promo photos, and the Fan Club stationary and buttons are authentic, vintage items from the Cochran family.  These items were on display at NAMM, and will actually be included with each guitar.  That’s so cool.  Check out the Cochran on Gretsch’s site.

From Gretsch Masterbuilder Stephen Stern comes a masterpiece – the Gretsch Eddie Cochran Tribute Model.  This painstaking recreation of Eddie Cochran’s prized Chet Atkins Country Gentleman is a long-awaited tribute to the late guitarist, who tragically died at the age of 21 in a car accident in 1960.  Eddie Cochran’s playing has inspired and touched decades of guitar heroes who followed.  His family has been very guarded about his possessions and personal details for the last fifty years, until this special occasion.  For the launch at the NAMM show, the Cochran family provided many personal, authentic Eddie Chochran items, from vintage photos, to records, and even a hand-signed Christmas card.  After the jump check out a photo gallery of all the amazing memorabilia on display.

The Gretsch Eddie Cochran Tribute Model will be available at The Music Zoo.  Only 25 will be made available worldwide.  Get in touch if you’d like more information or to reserve one.

[See image gallery at blog.themusiczoo.com]

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