A product of an up-and-coming Australian guitar tech company, FOMOfx, the Virtual Jeff is the next- generation successor to the traditional whammy, thus eliminating all mechanical hassles. As a result, you can use it on electrics and acoustics… without affecting the guitar or tuning.

The pitch data from the whammy is massaged by the Virtual Jeff processor, enabling you to select exactly what pitch you reach at the end of a bend, up or down. Now, bends are predictable and can be used musically – as part of a unique lick or riff. Virtual Jeff has pitch-perfect bends every time. It’s also versatile: there’s two modes, selectable with a footswitch. Each mode is customized by the player to bend to different pitches.

No pricing details have been released just yet, but look out for more info on the Virtual Jeff during our NAMM 2016 coverage

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