NAMM2016 Something we’ve all dreamed of, but never imagined would become reality has finally surfaced. The GigRig AutoPot gives you the ability to adjust pedals on the fly using a MIDI controller!


Imagine being able to set your old Phase 90 with different speed settings or your favourite overdrive pedal with different amounts of gain and volume, all as presets. I’ve thought about this for many years. How to get control over the knobs on your analog pedals, and how to do it easily, with no complicated devaluing modding to the pedal itself. I’m delighted to announce TheGigRig AutoPot is the answer to this question.

TheGigRig AutoPot enables you to simply and easily program presets on your analog pedals without any electronic modding to the pedal. It simply attaches directly to the pot shaft on the outside of the pedal.

It has been designed using the features and functions of TheGigRig G2 but will work with
any midi controller. It is ideally suited for use with loop switching systems that can simultaneously transmit MIDI program patch change messages. Each AutoPot controller can connect up to 3 AutoPot arms, and you can link the controllers via the MIDI OUT/THRU connections so you can have multiple controllers all working together. Connecting an expression pedal input gives you real-time control over the third AutoPot arm. Simply remove the knob and attach the AutoPot Arm to the pedal.

Using the AutoPot Control Center, simply select, set and save the positions of the knobs for each preset. So that you don’t have to set the position of the knobs for each preset, you simply set a MASTER PRESET for each AutoPot which copies that position across its 256 presets, then adjust any individual preset that you want to tweak. Each arm can be set to receive information on a different MIDI channel (1~10) which utilizes the StompBox feature on TheGigRig G2. Let’s say you have your Phaser AutoPot set up on its own MIDI channel, set for a fast and slow speed. You could literally kick this on, on top of any other sound, instantly, seamlessly.

The AutoPots will be approximately $389 each, with an estimated shipping date of May 2016.


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