NAMM 2017 We’ve got two new exciting models of humbucker coming out from Seymour Duncan for 2017; the Duality Humbucker and the Alpha & Omega Marc Holcomb Signature Set! These will be available for purchase from The Music Zoo, so contact us to get your set of either today!

The Duality is appropriately named, as it’s a design that aims to merge the best of active and passive technologies to create a pickup that’s as dynamic as it is powerful. Duality simultaneously delivers a strong midrange, punchy and articulate lows with a three-dimensional high end. The feel is responsive, providing an organic experience that plays as good as it sounds. The output is incredibly versatile; powerful and tight enough for metal but open and clear enoughfor blues and rock. Chorded riffs take on new levels of chunk, and single-note runs are as fluid as they are punchy.

These pickups are available in 6-string as a set or individually as a neck, bridge, or trembucker. They also come in black or zebra bobbins as well as nickel covers.

Seymour Duncan also worked closely with Periphery guitarist Marc Holcomb to create his new signature set of humbuckers, dubbed the Alpha & Omega. We all know that Peripherys music requires the utmost precision and clarity through even the densest levels of gain, so they aimed for the Omega bridge pickup to have a ton of low end percussion and growl in the mids. It aims to be aggressive while retaining brightness – great for complex chords or speedy solos.  The Alpha neck pickup is different from most neck pickups in that they wanted it to have some bridge position qualities in it: glassy and fat, but still lots of pick attack dynamics.

These pickups are available in 6, 7, or 8-string as a set and also individually as a neck, bridge, or trembucker.

Interested in what you see from Seymour Duncan? Contact us to pre-order at 516-626-9292 //

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