Orange is set to introduce two new and exciting amplifiers at NAMM 2017: the Rocker 32 and Rocker 15, both tube-powered combo amplifiers loaded with top-notch features.

The Rocker 32 is a 2×12” amp that is perfect for pedal addicts who love to hear their effects in stereo, as it has a built-in stereo effects loop as well as a more classic “wet/dry” mode which gives you one speaker with a clean signal and the other with your delays and modulation – an incredible tool on stage. The amp is two channels with a Natural channel solely controlled by the volume, which gives a pristine voice to your guitar and pedal setup, but also loves overdrive and distortion boxes. The Dirty channel has a three-band EQ with gain and master volume controls. Lastly, the amp is switchable down to 15 watts from 30.

The younger sibling of the Rocker 32 is the Rocker 15! The 15 is a 1×10” combo capable of .5, 1, 7, or 15 watts of output power. It’s extremely portable and an excellent choice for recording due to its attenuator feature. The amp is a two-channel design keeping the same one-knob Natural and three-band EQ Dirty channels of the Rocker 32. The Rocker 15 also features a tube-powered effects loop.

These amps are in stock and available now!Contact our sales staff at or call 516-626-9292 with any questions or to order yours!

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