DiMarzio Satchur8

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: DiMarzio has released five new pickups for 2018, all of which are soon to be available at The Music Zoo! We're being treated to the new Paul Gilbert PG-13 mini-humbuckers (as introduced in this blog post), and new Satchur8 and Black & Blonde humbuckers.

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Paul Gilbert PG-13 Mini Humbuckers (Available in Neck and Bridge types) $99

Mini-humbucker tone falls somewhere in between a humbucker and a single coil, but many would be hard pressed to pick them out in a blind test. Paul's buzzword for these PG-13 Mini Humbuckers is "clarity". They still have the body and depth of a humbucker, and the dynamics of a single coil, without being too harsh. Due to the narrower length of the pickup, less string vibration is sensed, which reduces lower harmonics that can mud up a humbucker and in turn, provide clarity.

Satchur8 $79

Obviously developed for Joe Satriani, these alnico 8 magnet humbuckers provide some of the best tones Satch has ever heard, (in his own words!) They are bright yet smooth, with plenty of clarity. It oozes dynamics never before heard in a humbucker, and notes and chords alike jump off the fingerboard with authority!

Pandemonium (Available in Neck and Bridge types) $139

Created for Nita Strauss, the Black & Blonde humbuckers feature a custom black cover, carved with Nita's logo, and letting the dual cream (blonde) coils show through! The coils on the neck pickup are tuned just far enough apart to create a nice open midrange and clear response, and the bridge coils are tuned to slightly difference frequencies, to create thick and present lows and smooth highs. Both pickups are a modern take on a classic rock pickup!

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