Have you ever seen someone play the guitar with a power drill? You need to check out this video demo by the one and only Paul Gilbert! Also on showcase are his new PG-13 Mini-Humbuckers, a new collaboration with DiMarzio!

Mini-humbucker tone falls somewhere in between a humbucker and a single coil, but many would be hard pressed to pick them out in a blind test. Paul's buzzword for these PG-13 Mini Humbuckers is "clarity", and if you watch the video - we're sure you'll agree! They still have the body and depth of a humbucker, and the dynamics of a single coil, without being too harsh. Due to the narrower length of the pickup, less string vibration is sensed, which reduces lower harmonics that can mud up a humbucker and in turn, provide clarity.

We can't promise you'll sound as good as Paul Gilbert but the new DiMarzio PG-13 Mini-Humbuckers will get you close!

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