Fuzzrocious Octave Jawn

Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: After creating quite a buzz online, Fuzzrocious has unveiled their new pedal at Winter NAMM 2018, the Octave Jawn. The Octave Jawn is a digital octaver built to track faster than many other digital pitch shifters out there, and it's polyphonic as well, meaning you can play chords without it coming out sounding like a confused mess.The small knob controls the mix, while the big knob controls full octave down from counterclockwise to full octave up at clockwise, with a mix of the two in the middle.

The difference between this and other Fuzzrocious pedals is that it isn't a standalone pedal, but a mod that can be added to their other pedals, either as a fresh build or a mod to an already-built pedal. The Music Zoo will be sure to have Fuzzrocious pedals in stock already modded with the Octave Jawn, so you can keep those riffs as unique and heavy or lush sounding as possible.

fuzzrocious demon with octave jawn

Want to check out the Octave Jawn or grab a Fuzzrocious pedal with it installed? Contact our sales team today!

Contact us at 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com

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