Strandberg NAMM 2018 Booth New Guitars

NAMM2018 Check out this great new gear - straight from the floor of the 2018 NAMM Show! We're here at the Strandberg booth discovering some exciting new products including new USA Select and Made to Measure Sweden - and we couldn't wait to share the news! Did we mention we're taking home a few killer pieces straight from the display home too? - they're shown below!

Want to make any of these NAMM 2018 Strandbergs yours? Contact our sales team for more info!

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Strandberg USA Select 6, 7 String Guitars
Strandberg NAMM 2018 Red Boden Display Guitar
Strandberg USA Select Boden NAMM 2018
Strandberg USA Select 7 String NAMM 2018
Strandberg USA Select Seven String Guitar
Strandberg USA Select 6 String Guitar
Strandberg Six String NAMM 2018 USA Select Guitar
Strandberg Boden USA Select
Strandberg USA Select Neck Thru Guitars
Strandberg Neck Thru NAMM 2018 USA Selects
Made to Measure Sweden 8 String
Strandberg 8 String Made to Measure Sweden Guitar NAMM 2018

NAMM 2018 Strandberg Display

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