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We are proud to welcome Ampete Amplification to our selection of Amplifiers! If you’re looking for top-notch quality amps with a ton of character and style, the Ampete One and Two have got you covered. The Ampete One is a 100 watt two channel head (two modes on channel two), with two independent master volume controls, bass response controls, a high-quality tube buffered effects loop, MIDI programming, and much more! The One can cover all of your American and British style of tones, all packed in a solid German made construction with an easy to decipher layout.

The Ampete Two amplifier, a 20 watt head with built in power scaling and a stripped down control panel to let you easily dial in whatever sound you’re looking for without spending too long figuring out the layout. The volume knob is actually a power-scale knob, where the more you turn clockwise, the higher the wattage – all the way up is 20 watts, all the way down is 0. The Two also has a line-out with level trimmer, and a solid German-made construction.

Come by our showroom and try these amps out for yourself or see them in our online-store for full specs and pricing in the link below!

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