NAMM 2013 Guitars weren’t the only cool new products that we ran into at the NAMM show. There were a ton of pedals on display too, and here are some of the new products coming out from Dunlop and MXR that we’re looking forward to getting our hands (and feet) on.

volume 1

First off we have the new Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X) pedal. This new volume pedal has a patent pending Dunlop Steel Band Drive for frictionless, highly reliable action with fully adjustable tension to make it feel exactly to your liking. You can also use this pedal as an Expression pedal, with internal controls to set the minimum effect parameter and head/toe polarity. Features external jacks for volume, effects, output, and tuner.


If you’re tired of having the great sound of a Fuzz Face pedal take up half of your pedal board real estate, these new Mini Fuzz Face pedals will solve your problem. These pedals are all AC powered, and feature an on/off LED and True Bypass switching. This is the FFM2 Germanium Fuzz Face based on ’66-’68 pre-silicon era Fuzz Face pedals.


Next is the FFM1 Silicon Fuzz Face that is spec’d out from the 1970 Fuzz Face, known for its brighter and more aggressive sound, delivered by BC108 silicon transistors.


Lastly in the Mini series is the FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz, which is the same circuit as the JHF1, but in a smaller housing that again, won’t take up your entire board. Refer to the first picture with a foot-to-pedal comparison to see just how small and compact these awesome Fuzz boxes are.

bonamassa 1

bonamassa 2

This is the 2013 Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face, built specifically to compliment Joes humbucker-driven tone. This pedal is true bypass, and hand-wired with NOS Russian military germanium transistors, and has a great look thanks to the gloss black finish and vintage top hat replica knobs.

talkbox 1

And here’s the new MXR Talk Box, a self-contanined amp and speaker driver within the pedal – so you don’t need to set up a separate rig every time you’d like to use a Talk Box.

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