Gibson Historic Spec 2019 Models

Gibson announces new historic spec '50s and '60s Les Paul & '61 SG models

In advance of NAMM 2019 -Gibson Guitars has announced several tweaks to it's core line-up, including '50s and '60s spec Les Pauls, '60s inspired SG Standards, Les Paul Specials and Juniors, and additions to the new and ultra-affordable Contemporary Series, including another pair of Juniors and Specials and the new Les Paul "Modern" which will reportedly feature an ebony fingerboard!

Further information is still forthcoming, but we can all agree that Gibson is on the right track under their new leadership team with the "Back to Basics" 2019 lineup. 

Les Paul Standard '50s Special

Gibson Les Paul Standard '50s Special

Les Paul Standard P90 '50s Special

Gibson Les Paul Standard P90 '50s Special

Les Paul Junior

Gibson Les Paul Junior

Les Paul Special TV Yellow

Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow

SG '61 Vibrola

Gibson SG '61 Vibrola

Les Paul Modern

Gibson Les Paul Modern


Gibson Explorer

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