san dimas

One of our favorite runs we’ve ever done at The Music Zoo has got to be the Nitro Aged San Dimas guitars we’ve done with Charvel’s Custom Shop. These guitars are our ultimate fantasy of what an original San Dimas guitar should be, including a great nitro lacquer finish instead of the usual poly, and a “perfect” neck shape that was digitally modeled from our very favorite original 1980 San Dimas guitar.  We haven’t had them in stock for a while, sadly, so we were excited when we got these pictures emailed to us today of some freshly made guitars that are coming to the Zoo.  You owe it to yourself to try one of these if you’re looking for a high-performance guitar with an amazingly comfortable vintage vibe.  Get in touch if you want your name on one of these before they hit our Charvel inventory.

nitro charvel

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