The Music Zoo with Jeff Schroeder of Smashing Pumpkins

Yamaha Guitars and the Line 6 Helix are at the forefront of huge Smashing Pumpkins tones!

The Music Zoo works very closely with Yamaha guitars to bring the absolute best electric and acoustic guitars to you, and we're fortunate enough to have started a great working relationship with some of the fine folks in The Smashing Pumpkins camp, namely their longstanding guitarist Jeff Schroeder who is a devoted Yamaha player.

We drove down to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to go on stage with Jeff and his tech Trace Davis to get a close up look at the Yamaha guitars he plays onstage every night. There's even a special appearance by our friend Adam Reiver of FU-Tone, who outfitted Jeff's Custom Shop Pacifica with a full titanium Floyd Rose tremolo and locking nut setup.

Watch our Music Zoo "Rig Walkup" video of Jeff Schroeder's live rig now!

Tube Amp Muscle and Line 6 Helix Brains - The Best of Both Worlds 

Jeff Schroeder revv and helix setup - the music zoo

As you'll see in the video, Jeff uses a few tube heads from Revv, but with the '4-Cable Method' - uses a pair of Line 6 Helix rack units to pair with the heads, allowing him to insert effects either before or after the pre-amp, or use the amp solely as a power amp to get certain effects and tones from the Helix. Lastly, our minds were kind of blown at the genius of the Revv logo changing color via the Helix depending on the channel its on. That's so cool!

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