Winter NAMM 2018 Coverage: The Honey Bee Overdrive from BJFe is a modern classic! Version 4 will be available soon at The Music Zoo! It is one of Bjorn Juhl's best and most popular pedal creations, and One Control is proud to have collaborated on revision 4 of this warm yet crunchy overdrive.


This 4th revision of the Honey Bee is designed to give you tones based on all previous Honey Bee versions, and a new addition of a 6 dB gain boost! The original Honey Bee was based on an old Supro tube amp, and over the years, was revised to have increased output, increased upper midrange response, and even an integrated treble boost! Yet, the basic tonal color that everyone loves was never altered!

The One Control Honeybee's claim to fame is the new "vintage and modern" switch. The Vintage mode gives you the sound of the original honeybee, with a lot of treble response. In Modern mode, you can get the sounds of revisions 2, 3, and 4, where you'll hear more gain and midrange, and the "nature" control range is expanded.

Check out the video above to hear the new Honey Bee Overdrive in action and learn more! Like what you hear? Contact our sales team today to order yours! Or check out all of our One Control products here!

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