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There is no better example of the central role of music in video games than Nintendo’s classic Legend of Zelda series. 1998’s classic Ocarina of Time introduced a unique musical-style of game play, letting the player control the action via the titular wind instrument. Ocarina’s sequel, Majora’s Mask, integrates even more music-centric game play, giving Link three new instruments: Deku pipes, Goron bongo drums, and the Zora fish skeleton guitar.

This ultra-rare Jackson is a replica of the Zora guitar, hand carved and painted by Jackson Custom Shop luthier Dan Lawrence. The original instrument was commissioned by Nintendo Power magazine for a 2001 Player’s Poll giveaway with another six instruments produced for display and sale, making this instrument an absolute must-have for any Zelda fanatic!

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Jackson Zoraxe (1 of 7)

Jackson Zoraxe (6 of 7)

Jackson Zoraxe (2 of 7)

Jackson Zoraxe (3 of 7)

Jackson Zoraxe (7 of 7)


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