gibson bonabyrd 2

The long-awaited Joe Bonamassa inspired “Bonabyrd” is finally on it’s way to The Music Zoo!

Since the very beginning, Joe Bonamassa and Gibson guitars have been inseparable. And, as Joe’s career continues to skyrocket, the relationship continues to evolve, from replicas of some of the original vintage Gibsons from Joe’s own growing collection, to new guitars designed in collaboration with Gibson’s team of Custom Shop luthiers and craftspeople. The introduction of the new and limited edition Bonabyrd reflects as much of Joe’s unique personality as a player as it does his incredible ear for tone. Like Joe, the Bonabyrd is steeped in legacy and in proven concepts of design that pay homage to the simple truth that some things don’t need to be fixed: Custom Bucker PAF pickups and classic LP weight and feel, for example. Bonamassa approved tone and feel aside, Bonabyrd is also a triumph of style, combining the classic LP body shape, a stage grabbing Antique Pelham Blue nitro-cellulose finish, and a ’60s retro Firebird headstock.

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gibson bonabyrd

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