The newest development in the Powers Electric A-Type is the introduction of their top-loading hardtail bridge! It's not just any ordinary piece of hardware though...

Join us today as Jordan gives the rundown on the latest option available for the Powers A-Type: a top-loading hardtail bridge instead of the camshaft vibrato tailpiece. This lightweight aluminum tailpiece is excellent for players who prefer the straight ahead qualities of a hardtail guitar. A very small but substantial detail of this tailpiece is the use of neoprene (also used in wetsuits for you surfers out there) at the edge of where the string leaves the tailpiece to help mute overtones and excess noise when you don't want it. You'll hear that in the video below!

Watch our video now to hear about what the difference in feel is between the hardtail and camshaft tailpieces, and we even go between the PF42 and FF42 pickups in the hardtail versions so you can hear how the pickups react to the different hardware options.

Watch the Powers Electric Top-Loading Hardtail Demo Video Now!

Powers Electric A-Type Specs

  • Fully Enclosed Hollowbody Electric Guitar
  • Solid Maple Top (Flame Maple for A-Type Select Models)
  • Urban Ash Body
  • Tone Bar Bracing with Soundposts
  • One-Piece Mahogany Neck
  • Honduran Rosewood Fretboard with Italian Acrylic Inlays
  • Honduran Rosewood Headstock Overlay
  • Jescar Custom Jumbo Frets
  • 24-7/8" Scale Length
  • 1-11/16" Width Ebony Nut
  • Assymetrical Fretboard Radius
  • PF42 or FF42 Pickup Set with Master Volume and Tone Controls
  • High-Carbon Steel Base Bridge
  • Toploading Hardtail Bridge with Ebony or Brass Saddle
  • Resin Knobs

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