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Duane Allman’s tragically short life, his catalog of music, and the guitars he used to create his unique sound have all become legend in the history of rock and roll.  Many Duane fans are familiar with “Hotlanta”, the tobacco sunburst ’59 Les Paul Standard with which he is most closely associated.  But not many know that the most recorded Duane Les Paul was in fact a Cherry Sunburst ’59 Standard that Duane got from Rick Stein of Stone Balloon in 1970.  The albums “The Allman Brothers Band”,” Live at the Fillmore” and “Eat a Peach” all feature the Cherry Sunburst ‘59, making it the guitar Duane used most often to cement his guitar legacy.

Based on complete access to this actual guitar as it exists today, Gibson Custom Shop is releasing an extremely limited edition run of new Duane Allman guitars to pay tribute to this very special piece of music history.  Only 150 VOS (MSRP $10,821) and 150 Aged (MSRP $15,527) versions will be available worldwide.  Allocations will be very tight, so if you’d like to add one of these to your collections, get your pre-order in today.

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duane-guitarsDuring Duane Allman’s short life and career, he created a legacy that continues to inspire generations of musicians. In the brief period of time it took him to cement his legend as one of the true greats, Duane Allman’s guitar collection seemed like an ever-changing cast of Gibsons either traded or borrowed for brief periods of time. When Gibson Custom decided to recreate his ’59 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul, unprecedented time and effort was taken to extensively research its history, interviewing friends of Duane and the Allman Brothers Band as well as previous owners of the guitar. What was uncovered is a fascinating story of what is proven to be Duane’s most heard guitar.

Through a very limited run of guitars capturing the precise look, feel and tone of the original, we present the Duane Allman Cherry Sunurst ’59 Les Paul. Based on unrestricted access to and study of the original, Gibson Custom has recreated the details of this incredible instrument with uncompromised attention to detail and the highest standards of materials and craft. In addition to the guitar, a very special package of commemorative items are included to make ownership a lifelong and memorable event for the few who will have the pleasure of calling one of them their own.


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