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The annual Taylor Guitar Road Show made it's usual pit stop at The Music Zoo last week! A big thanks to all who attended and thanks to the Taylor team!

If you've never been to a Taylor Road Show - it's one of the best educational, company-lead presentations in the business! It's an all encompassing lecture and performance that takes you through all their body shapes and tonewood choices - with intimate tonal comparisons of each. We were also treated to a rippin' T5z demo which you hopefully didn't miss.

If you're searching for your next Taylor and need some guidance - this is an event you won't want to miss next time. But, you can always contact our knowledgeable sales team and they'll be happy to provide the same level of service and expertise.

516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com

As a bonus, before the show, Taylor's own Mike Venezia and Kenny Echizen sat down with us and did some demos of the limited edition 326e Baritone 8, and a gorgeous Milagro Brazilian rosewood Custom Grand Symphony. Even Mike thinks that one is in his top 3 Taylor list! Both guitars are available now in our store! Click on the links to view them.

Check out the videos below, or check out all our Taylor guitars here!




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