NAMM2015 Relish guitars was a fan favorite at this years NAMM show, causing a frenzy for it’s innovative construction and refreshing design. The most striking feature on the guitar is the touch-button to select which pickups you want to use, with a neat on/off led light. Pirmin Giger and Silvan Küng of Relish Guitars in Lucerne, Switzerland teamed up to build these fantastic instruments, made available in Ash, Cherry, and Walnut. These guitars set new standards after 60 years of e-guitar marketing. Read further and have a look at the images below to see what really makes these guitars so unique!



Janes body consists of three different layers. The middle layer is framed with aluminium. The front and the back is made of wood veneer. Through this combination of material & innovative design a new electric guitar experience has been created for an unbelievable, warm & vibrant sound.


A new way to handle the pickups. No normal 3-way-switch has been used to select between the pickups but a smooth touch-sensor-system hidden below the wood veneer which allows to mute the guitar without turning off the volume control. LED-lights show if the pickup is switched on or off.






Listen to the Relish Jane in action as Greg Koch lays down some heavy licks!

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