Sauvage One Piece Master III

The Sauvage One-Piece Master III is an impressive feat of engineering and art and doesn't lack a well deserved tonal superiority complex either. This is the third Sauvage One Piece Master, and the third creation we've had the pleasure of stocking at The Music Zoo - if you've ever sorted electric guitars on our website by price = highest to lowest, you may have stumbled upon this stunner. Sauvage guitars are brought to you by some of the same French luthiers who brought you Wild Customs guitars.

You'll most likely gawk at the price on this one, but this guitar is made for the collector, and it's a unique piece not meant to be compared to any other guitar or instrument. So just enjoy it for what it is!

Sauvage One Piece Master III 2

While the One-Piece Master III might have a simple yet high class appearance, behind the scenes, every infinitesimal detail has been attended too. The guitar is carved out of one piece of solid flamed ash - picture a gigantic slab of wood, and imagine a guitar shaped cookie cutter - that's how this guitar was built - and it's the farthest thing from a cookie cut instrument. The slab is even included with the sale! The piece of wood is also more than 100 years old, has been drying for 35 years and now has less than 7% moisture content. The Canadian maple "through-body" fingerboard extends over the body and is the same piece of wood as the top. This feature, along with the concave shape of the ash body, creates a reverberation chamber, providing the ultimate electric guitar "resonance".

Sauvage One Piece Master III 3Sauvage One Piece Master III 4

The One-Piece Master III is much more than a technically excellent piece of woodworking, it also boasts some of the best hardware and electronics on the planet. The nut is carved from a woolly mammoth fossil horn. The bridge is crafted from Damascus steel - almost literally equivalent to "Valyrian steel" or the stuff you hear about in fantasy movies when they exclaim - "That knight's sword is carved from the best steel - be careful!"

Sauvage One Piece Master III 10Sauvage One Piece Master III 11

The knobs are shaped and formed with the same attention to detail as a jeweler, and feature the Sauvage trademark angle-cut triangle engraving. The pickup covers and tuner buttons are also made from Fortal, known for being extremely resistant to corrosion, while not sacrificing beauty. The custom wound pickups are flanked by quality internal electronics too, as well as a magnetic cavity cover.

To "top it off" - the One Piece Master III boasts an Aquamarine Blue finish - inspired by the original color of the Porsche 356.

Sauvage One Piece Master III 12Sauvage One Piece Master III 13Sauvage One PIece MAster III 14

You can check out this beauty on our website too! And check out the video and full "slab" pick from Sauvage too, below!


Sauvage One Piece Master III 9

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