Wampler Equator / Reflections

A pair of long awaited new Wampler effects pedals have finally arrived - the Reflection reverb pedal and the EQuator EQ pedal!

The Reflection Reverb is two reverbs in one! It's designed to take the many permutations of plate and spring reverb, and combine them a far from overly-complicated Wampler sized package. You still have plenty of control, without the excess - just tweak the decay, tone, pre-delay, and reverb volume knobs and let the polished and refined circuit do the rest!

The Equator EQ is a very cool "semi-parametric" equalizer pedal that takes the guess work out of the parametric EQ. It uses fixed bass and treble control, and fully sweepable parametric midrange knobs that are super easy to tweak, and also difficult to coax a bad sound out of. It also functions as a clean boost, so it's a great "always-on" pedal too if you want.

Check out these 2 new Wampler pedals on our website, or keep scrolling for some videos!

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