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Caparison Apple (2 of 6)

Caparison has been pushing the limits of what the modern electric guitar can be for sometime now. Furthermore, it was no surprise to see Caparison teaming up with Mattias Eklundh to design the next generation 8 string . This highly anticipated guitar was a pleasure to see finally walk through our doors and into the hands of our fellow employees. This monster features a five piece maple-walnut neck, 27 true temperment frets, and 8 string Floyd Rose tremolo. The true temperment frets maintain accurate intonation, even with extreme alternate tunings. The mahogany and walnut body provide excellent note separation and harmonics. An interesting twist is the use of a push-push pot in place of a standard selector switch. The thin profile and oil finish offers the smoothest playability up and down the neck. Plugged into a high wattage amplifier, with a 4×12 cab, shook the entire showroom. The DiMarzio PAF 8 and D Activator 8 have excellent definition and clarity. This is definitely a weapon worth adding to your sonic arsenal! Watch as Mattias demos this guitar below! ….and check out all of our Caparison guitars here.

Caparison Apple (4 of 6)

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Caparison Apple (2 of 6)