UPDATE: These have started to arrive at The Music Zoo.  See what’s in stock!

One morning recently we were having coffee with our good friend Gary Blankenberg, a man who has probably forgotten more about guitars than most will ever know, and the topic of discussion was the Les Paul Junior.  We agreed that it may be the ultimate rock and roll tone machine; the lean, single pickup configuration just begs for it to be played wide open.  Then Gary said, “Hey you know what would be cool?, a ’59 flametop burst with 1 pickup.  Just 1 pickup and ‘go’.”  It was hard to argue with that logic.  So, we called up Gibson Custom Shop and discussed.  They reminded us that not only does Billy Gibbons play just such a guitar sometimes, there is also a really cool run of guitars that Dave’s Guitar did a few years back – ’54 wraparound bridge Les Pauls with just one pickup.  After contacting Dave and getting his blessing (and his suggestion to make them as flametop ’58s to keep the price lower) we are going ahead with the single pickup ’58 Les Paul Figuredtop project, and the pictures you see here are the first to leak out of the Gibson Custom Shop.

We will be stocking these bad boys in Washed Cherry, Lemon Burst, Bourbon Burst, Sunrise Tea and Iced Tea with other finishes to follow.  Also coming down the pike eventually are ’59 versions with an ABR bridge, and 1 pickup Les Paul Customs with a wraparound bridge.  Get in touch with us for pricing and/or to reserve one.

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