Music Zoo 2013 Spring Sale

The Music Zoo Spring Sale, May 6th to 11th

You hear those bees a-buzzin’?  Those bird’s a-chirpin’?  No?  Oh right, we play guitar and can’t hear a darn thing over the ringing in our ears from the gig last night!  Those birds and bees herald the arrival of spring, and that means one thing at The Music Zoo.  Huge, spring cleaning, get-it-outta-here discounts storewide on some supremely amazing gear.  Select guitars, amplifiers, effects, even pickups and parts, will be booted out the door with alarming speed this week, and you can get in on the action.  Some guitars are as much as $2K off our normal selling price!   Not looking to spend a lot?  There are over 150 items under $100.  Don’t wait!

Request your list right now via email and we’ll write you back with the detailed list of every piece of sale gear with the discounted price (which are all too low to publish online).  If these links don’t work for you, simply send us an email at and ask us for the list, we’re here to help!  First come, first serve.

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