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  • GAS With Gary: Hamer Guitars

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    We all know the what it feels like to have a bad case of GAS. No, not the kind you feel after wolfing down 3 plates of Thanksgiving dinner. We’re talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It affects millions of musicians around the world who love their guitars, amps, and other gear. We’re glad we have Gary Blankenburg -one of The Music Zoo’s favorite people on earth!

    This time, Gary offers us all an informative lecture on the rise of Hamer guitarsoffering insight into the men responsible for the brand, the players that made them iconic, and the details that separated Hamer from all the rest!

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  • Out of the Case: Vintage Hamer Standard Photo Gallery

    Posted on by Jordan Usatch

    We dug deep into Music Zoo owner Tommy Collettis collection to bring you this awesome photo set of two of his personal vintage Hamer Standards! These guitars just ooze tone and vibe, and what's even cooler is that the "Crowned and Bound" Standard bears the name of the original owner who commissioned the guitar from Hamer in the 1980s, and even has a letter from him included in the case. It's small things like that which remind us of why we love the stories behind vintage guitars so much.

    Click on the photos to view them in high resolution!

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