Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

Taylor's scaled down, fun-size travel guitars are some of the best in the biz and are far from toys. From the insanely popular GS Mini to the Big Baby, Baby, and Signature Baby models, these guitars cover a ton of bases and are an essential part of anyone's acoustic collection!

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Pictured is the GS Mini-E Koa! Click on a photo for a hi-res version!

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Taylor first entered the world of travel guitars in 1996 with the Baby Taylor model, which is still made to this day, along with its larger sibling, the Big Baby Taylor. More than a decade after the original Baby Taylor was released, the GS Mini hit the streets in 2010 and was an instant success, as a re-imagining of what a travel-sized guitar could be. Fast forward to the present and all 3 guitars are still best sellers and continue to evolve.

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GS Mini-e Bass

The newest member of the GS Mini family is the ground-breaking GS Mini-e Bass, a short-scale, acoustic bass that sounds huge and plays like a dream! Developed with custom made nylon core strings, a proprietary "dual prong" bridge pin design and special ES-B electronics, this is the best "travel bass" on the market! Click here to learn more!



Taylor's Baby models are build with layered sapele back and sides and solid spurce tops, while the GS Mini lineup boasts several options, including an all-koa body, mahogany and sapele combinations, and even a new spruce and walnut tonewood combo. Each has their own visual and aural flavor!

Layered Woods: Taylor sought to change the laminate wood landscape. Their new layered wood back and sides are set to do just this. Inside of just a thin veneer that may or may not be visually appealing, a core layer of poplar (not a cheapo tonewood) is surrounded by a pair of veneers. Taylor will admit that the tone of a layered wood is not quite as complex as a solid wood, but they are visually appealing and beat out most other laminates on the market. And of course, the price is much more inviting!

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Baby and Big Baby Taylor models use a time tested X bracing pattern, while the GS Mini's use a proprietary pattern designed for the body shape, and featuring the relief rout - a thin groove carved around the edge of the top, which increases musical vibrations, without compromising structural integrity.

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Taylor uses a special varnish finish on the GS Mini and Baby instruments. It's a simple matte style finish which leaves many open pores in the wood, and is not as thick or protective as a gloss finish. But, it has it's own tonal profile, generally creating a bit more resonance or "openness".

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These guitars feature their own special pickup, the "ES-B" Expression System, utilizing a pair of piezo pickups. Taylor decided to add a tuner to this one, as it's a handy tool for a beginner or in most settings these guitars will be used in! The LED screen also has a low battery indicator

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