If you've ever bought a guitar for your younger son, daughter, niece or nephew, or picked up an acoustic for your campfire, church, coffee house, or couch gig, there's a pretty good chance you bought a Taylor GS Mini! The line features some of the best selling "travel" sized guitars in the industry, and the newest addition to the family is the GS Mini-e Bass!

This isn't any old travel bass. The concept of a travel sized acoustic bass in itself is difficult to realize and not often seen, since body size and scale length play a big role in producing lower tones, and this bass only has a scale length of 23.5 inches.

Thankfully, there are a few magic ingredients that make the GS Mini-e Bass so playable and authentic sounding. First off, Taylor and D'Addario developed custom nylon-core strings with a phosphor bronze wrap. These strings are exclusive to this bass, so exclusive in fact, that other strings just won't work. Nylon core strings are known for producing clear and warm sounds, - perfect for bass!

Another Taylor breakthrough design for the GS Mini-e Bass is the patented dual-prong bridge pin design, where the strings are anchored firmly to the bridge pin as they can slide in between the two "prongs". This not only secures the strings tighter, but improves the break angle between the pins and the saddle, which helps with intonation, tone, and the overall feel of the instrument. 

The GS Mini-E bass also features the ES-B onboard electronics, so you'll always be heard if you need to be!

All of these cutting edge design features produce an acoustic-electric travel bass that is easy to play and great sounding!

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