The Music Zoo is proud to be a Euphonic Audio dealer! "EA" builds quality bass amplifiers and cabinets, inspired by time-test hi-fi construction techniques and designs. Their amps and cabinets faithfully reproduce the tone of your bass with no coloration, excellent clarity, and an extremely natural sound, just like a studio monitor would work. Since tone is in the fingers, you can truly produce your own bass tone with their gear!

We just received several EA amps and cabinets, including the popular iAmp Doubler II micro head, Wizzy combos, and several special cabinets that are built using transmission line construction. EA is the only manufacturer in the musical instrument cabinet space to feature this type of build.  Click here to learn more about transmission line construction. You'll also find Whizzer cone tweeters and custom drivers galore loaded into these cabs.

Like what you see? Stop by our showroom and try one out, or contact or sales team anytime!

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