There’s a new kid on the block in the city of bad ass, low-watt, boutique amps.  The Tone King Falcon is promising big things in a reasonably small 1×10″ package when it arrives in March: 12W of 2x6V6 pure tube tone, a built in attenuator, and 3 perfectly dialed in voicings that recall classic tweed tones,  blackface punch, and rocking ’70s overdrive.  We are really looking forward to putting this amp through its paces.  Pre-Order today!  A variety of colors will be available.  $1,595.00 with free shipping.

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From Premier Builder’s Guild:

Tone King’s all new 12W, 1×10 Falcon channels the simplicity and grease fired glory of pure old-school tweed tone. The unique and all new single channel 3-knob preamp (vol, tone, voicing) has three distinct but overlapping voicings – blackface, dead-nuts tweed, and tight 70’s hard rock crunch. Its’ 2x6V6, cathode biased, zero-feedback, ultralinear output stage gives the Falcon a totally old school vibe – spanky, twangin’ cleans and overdrive so chunky, thick, and fat that you can practically smell the bacon frying. A genuine built-in Ironman precision attenuator guarantees that you’ll get the same grease-fired tones at any volume level, down to true bedroom level.


1×10 Ceramic Custom Tone King Eminence Speaker Power is 12W Tubes are 2x

6V6GT and 2x 12AX7 Dimensions are 19″ wide x 16″ tall x 10″ deep Weight is

30 pounds 


Turquoise and white

All Cream

Chocolate Brown and Cream

Black and Cream


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