peter frampton les paul

It’s one of the most feel-good stories we’ve heard in a long time.  The PAF humbucker loaded 1954 Les Paul Custom that Peter Frampton used on the legendary ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ album was thought to be destroyed in a cargo plane crash en route to Panama in 1980.  But it survived.  The weatherbeaten vintage Les Paul has recently surfaced thanks to some Frampton fans who found the guitar on the island of Curacao, and sent it back to Peter, who received it at the Gibson headquarters in Nashville.  “I am still in a state of shock, first off, that the guitar even exists, let alone that it has been returned to me,” Frampton said, “I know I have my guitar back, but I will never forget the lives that were lost in this crash. I am so thankful for the efforts of those who made this possible … And, now that it is back I am going insure it for 2 million dollars and it’s never going out of my sight again!”


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