The History of the Charvel Natural Series Music Zoo Exclusive Model

The Music Zoo's owner Tommy Colletti and the staff here spend day in and out talking about what specs, woods, pickups, and hardware it takes to make a guitar special. We're known for working with Custom Shops throughout the industry to create our own special runs, but today we're talking about one of our most famed and longstanding collaborations, and that's with the Charvel Custom Shop.

Tommy is a longstanding fan of everything Charvel. What's not to love? Wild finishes, Floyd Roses, hot-rodded humbuckers, a shredders dream! He was always a fan of the early pre-production Charvel guitars from the '70s which often came without much of a finish on them, if at all. They were lightweight, and super resonant Rock machines.

Fast forward to 2007, our first collaboration with the Charvel Custom Shop came to fruition. The Charvel Natural Series: a Music Zoo Exclusive run of San Dimas guitars with natural oil finishes to the bodies and necks along with brass hardware and options for different pickup configurations. The guitars are still being ordered 15 years later, and each one is just as good as the last one. We wanted to make a new video for 2023 to talk about the history of the run, and why we decided to go with certain specs. Watch it now and enjoy!

The Charvel Custom Shop Natural Series

Charvel Natural Series Options and General Specs

  • Roasted or Non-Roasted Bodies and Necks
  • Oil-Finishes
  • Single Humbucker, Double Humbucker, Single-Coil/Humbucker Configurations
  • 25.5” Scale Length
  • 12-16" Compound Fretboard Radius
  • NOS Brass Tremolo, NOS Brass Hardtail Bridge, Floyd Rose Original Configurations
  • Brass Hardware

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