The “all-in-one” guitar has remained somewhat of an anomaly among guitarists for a long time, always falling short of what guitar players were looking for. However, with the advent of technological advances in amp modeling, virtual interfaces, and iPhone apps, the all-in-one guitar has come back to life once again; or at least it can with your help. Fusion Guitar, a brand that has spent many years developing this very technology, has started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help launch what they call the “Fusion Guitar”. But what makes this one so different? For starters, the fusion guitar features an iPhone dock made for you to sync your favorite amp modeling apps to the guitar seamlessly. That, coupled with high definition speakers, a set of hot rail humbuckers, and a modern body design, sets this guitar apart from anything we’ve seen before!  Watch the video above and have a look at the specs below!

If you want to help make this a reality, click here to head on over to the Fusion Guitar crowdfunding campaign to make a donation!










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